Girls Tee Shirts

No one fits into a shirt perfectly as everyone has different body shapes and styles that each finds comfortable. With tailoring courses, you can learn to turn any shirt you find attractive into something that you can wear comfortably.

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Types of Tailoring

Bespoke tailoring is one of the most well-known tailoring styles. While this style has its pro's and con's, it caters more to your specific styling. Bespoke caters to your body and taste in fashion and style. Bespoke tailoring can be learned in tailoring courses as it goes more in depth with the style and how to do so as well as the process of tailoring clothes with this style. The process of this requires more fittings and patterns, as Bespoke is very precise. This is much different than tailoring to men because the female body can be more curvaceous than broad. With Bespoke, there is rarely a time where there can be "made to order" items. This is why it may cost more if you don't do it yourself. That's why training with tailoring courses is recommended as bespoke tailoring is becoming an out dated practice.

Another tailoring is style is ready-to-wear. This is the complete opposite, as this doesn't cater to everyone's specific measurements. This usually follows a set pattern that has precise measurements already. It's great if you have a perfectly proportioned body but if not, then this option may not be for you.

Tailoring Women's Tee Shirt

Refashioning shirts is a good way to gain your own style, as well as learn how to take something that doesn't fit you right and make it form your curves perfectly.

A popular way to do this is to take a men's shirt and reform and tailor it to fit your body.

The difference of a man's vs. a woman's shirt is that the woman's has to be smaller as men are broader. This can be done by creating a

Narrower upper body

Narrower shoulders

Narrower sleeves

Darting and Pinning

In tailoring courses, they will teach you how to dart or pin areas you will need to know before making extreme cuts. When you have a men's shirt that you're turning into a female's shirt, you want to make sure you mark where your breast area is on the shirt, as men don't have breasts, but they have wider bodies. Before creating a narrower shirt everywhere, take your "darts" or pins and create the area so there will be a curve in the shirt while you're working on the rest.

Create Narrower Tee Shirts

In order to create a narrower shirt, you will have to utilize pins and cut off sleeves. When you mark where the seam for the arms need to start, you will have to use the pins to mark where you will have to re-sew and to navigate where you will have to start cutting on the sides to re-sew and create a more narrow figure that doesn't bunch up.

Taking a crash class at tailoring courses will allow you to learn the basics of tailoring and sewing so that you can take anything you want and make it into a style your body looks great in. Be a trendsetter amongst your friends and never follow set trends when you have the skills to create your own!